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Wrong Berry Models - URGENT!
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Please fix this, provided below are photos of the models in game, which are not berries what so ever! They were added in the experimental version of the game and were forgotten about, there low poly models and textures are completely redundant to their previous models and do not make any sense. The red berries as of right now are actually Canina fruits, and should spawn or be able to be harvested at other bushes. The blue one is actually Sambucus Nigra berries, not blue berries. So its ok to have these in the game, but it doesn't make any sense to replace the actual logical model, they should be harvested at other bushes so we can an at least have four different berries instead of replacing the first two.
Thank you for your time. {F33147}


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Hello rustycaddy and thank you for the report.
These are the new models for the berries, the old models will most likely not return into the game.