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Bring back the broom!
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Much to my regret I had to hear from Brian Hicks during the PAX South, that he is responsible for the removal of the broom from the Game. According to him, the broom has no actual use in the game.

The broom is essentially to the lootpool, as it resembles one of the few weapons with a combination of low damage and high range. On the other hand it is an extremely common weapon, easy to find in any household. It is accepted by most players instantaneously and people connect to it way more than using for example the pitchfork. It has the primitivitiy of a spear or shovel, but less impact damage.

So I ask you, Brian Hicks, to bring the broom back to the Community!


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Please support this appeal!

Story for some additional tears:

I play on a DayZ-Roleplay-Server. One of my friends there was playing a simple man, a janitor. He was a good man and wandered through Chernarus, on his own cleaning up the mess of the apocalypse. Until one day when one of the infected attacked him, and, in self defense, his broom broke in half. He tried to fix it with some duct tape, but he wasn´t a carpenter and so the broom was useless. And as the broom was useless, so was he. One day he found a wrench and thought to himself: "Maybe I´m a better plumber!" But he sucked at plumbing.

And so he spend 3 months searching the houses of Chernarus for a new broom. He was too old to find a new calling. But nowhere there was a broom to be found. It was as if they all had magically disappeared.

I saw him the last time around Kamensk. His skin was wrinkled and burnt by the sun. He had seen and survived all the world´s horrors, but his spirit was broken. He just glanced at me, than his eyes went back to searching and he asked: "Have you found it?" - "No, I´m sorry."
He turned away, hiding his tears, and walked away along the street.

Please help him :´-(

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I read your story listening "Raven Rock", movie "Oblivion", as moved me :(

Very sad your story

i agree, not so much for the broom itself but who says that we wouldn't want/get/need a feature later on to cut a broom to pieces to have a perfect bonfire starter-set

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