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Trees Steal my Stuff
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Hi There,

Recently after playing on stable branch I have noticed a bug that has been 100% reproducible and is extremely frustrating to deal with. Trees (Particularly the Pine trees with Leaves low to the Ground) are able to swallow gear. Any item dropped while standing withing the leaves will be visible slightly above the ground but there is no way to pick it back up. It does not appear In the Nearby Items Inventory and when looking at said Item there is no option to take it. This seems to happen with most Items. (Cannot confirm it happens with all, But definitely with a Grenade, Canteen, AUG Rifle, Various Ammo's and Cans of Food)

The Same thing seems to also occur with dead bodies in the Trees and Leaves, which sadly is quite common as Silly Snipers think they are safe there. I Feel this also may link to a secondary issue which is the sliding of player corpses down hills which also rendered them unlootable. I Have tried all solutions that come to mind such as asking other players to attempt to loot as well as re-logging, however nothing seems to work.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Stand in a Pine Tree with low hanging Leaves
  • Drop any piece of gear on the Floor
  • Attempt to Loot said Item
  • Fail to Loot Item

As for the bodies the produce is similar:

  • Find A player camping in Pine Tree with low hanging Leaves
  • Kill said Player
  • Attempt to Loot
  • Fail to Loot
Additional Information

Its very Sad when you kill a player that has a beautiful SVD and you can see it but never loot it :'(

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Yes it is a problem, but have you tried chopping the tree down to get at them? I know the issue should be fixed and we should not have to remove the tree to get at items.