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Exiting Vavilovo garage as a run is insta death
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I was in the southern most garage in Vavilovo near the two brown slat houses

Running out of the garage with a slight angle to the left

(energised, full health, gorka helmet, kitted)

Instantly died

'You are dead'

Heard no noise, gunshot or anything. Instantly died

Ran in with another character I had nearby (maybe a sub 10 minute run) and no body or kit, all gone

I don't think I was shot


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Steps To Reproduce

Go to Vavilovo

Go to back of garage

Run out on a slight left turn (not straight) maybe

Additional Information

I got DayZ'd, lost an SVD

bad times man, bad times

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This has happened to me exiting a garage in Vyshnoye.
I definitely wasn't shot as I was the only one on the server at the time.

ah @mewle we picked a bad way to die

LYLT brudda