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Mic stopped working with hotfix.
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Mic worked fine before- but recently I'm unable to talk over it. Sounds 100% over TS3 and otherwise works as intended. Just not in DayZ.


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Nothing to add here.

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I do have a "mute" setting on TS3 that disables the TS3 mic while I'm talking in game but then unmutes it when my DayZ talk button isn't pressed. I was told sometimes this can overtake the DayZ setting... so I turned it off. Still didn't work. I was told if I started DayZ too soon after TS3 then sometimes that can happen- so I tried every combination I could think of including no TS3 and it still doesn't work.

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Was able to remedy this problem by re-detecting the mic through Steam. No idea what the connection is / was but that solved the problem.