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Vehicle unable to move; freshly assembled with all pristine parts, except for a damaged spark plug.
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I assembled the Lada to the north of Pusta. When I got in and turned on the ignition, it would not move, but I COULD CYCLE THE GEARS, and watch the speedometer move.



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It occurs randomly, but fairly consistently. Just approach a vehicle, and try to drive it. It seems to happen more frequently when multiple vehicles are in close proximity.

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The only method of fixing this issue, that I have discovered, has been to allow a second driver to move the vehicle. Even driving less than a full rotation of the wheels will fix the immobility for the first player.

Using an improvised bow to attempt to unstick the vehicle had disastrous results. Bad Physics.

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Use Manual Shift E and Q

^^^Comrad. Please don't troll-post on the feedback tracker. This is a legitimate bug report with links to video documentation that shows me cycling through the gears; I also wrote about cycling the gears in the description. You either failed to read my report before adding useless note, or are a troll; in either case, your input is both unnecessary and unwelcome.