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Big Military Tent - Cannot Scroll Down Inventory
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The "Big Military Tent" structure can hold 252 slots, but players cannot access most of this space due to the fact that they cannot scroll down the inventory screen for the tent. Either that, or it is unclear to the player how to "scroll" down the inventory space for the tent.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Place "Big Military Tent" structure
  • Open Character Info/Inventory UI
  • *Cannot scroll down to access most of the tent's inventory*
Additional Information

Playing on a persistent server, have experienced this issue through multiple login sessions.

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same thing with the bus inventory

Oh no? They haven't fixed it yet? Please do!

You need to use the NEW UI for that.

This is not a bug, because the OLD UI will be removed very soon.

Just died with all my squad in Prison building. A invisible player killed all of us.

start the game with -newui start parameter -> then u can scoll down in military tents, car tents, bus & truck inventory.

BUT you cannot see your status effects anymore and the newui is kind of difficult to handle - for now.

@Geez hello :)

May be close this ticket because it's obsolete?

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