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Fully montaged Sedan and Truck run, but nearly don't move - Tires have nearly no Friction.
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The Headline says it all, i fully montaged a Sedan and after that i tried a Truck, both switch on Lights and start their Engines, the Gearbox can be shifted to neutral, forward and reverse, the Tires spin like wild, but the Vehicles don't move at all (Truck) or just move a little bit (Sedan), slide off the Road (Sedan), can't climb the slightest Hill (Sedan) and the Tires in every State seem to have from nearly to absolutely no Friction.


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Montage a Truck or Sedan (i only was able to try these two new Vehicles yet), start Engine, shift Gear, it will nearly not move out of the Place, where it was rebuilt.

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Also, demontaging the Tires of the Sedan with the Lug Wrench after slight Movement of the Car resulted in Disappearance of all 4 Tires!

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Sometimes it helps to re log after repairing tires. The VS truck is useless, it has been nerfed by giving it the same performance as the bus.

Cars are ok, but they will spin out easily.

The Sliding sedan is a different issue related to the wheels clipping into the ground, and not getting proper traction. Rotating the tires will often remedy that problem.

A fix for the stuck vehicle bug is to have another player attempt to drive, and then after they get out of driver's seat, it will be back to normal.

I don't get it. Why does it have to be so hard to reintroduce features that existed and worked well many years ago?? In the mod there was all sorts of vehicles and spare parts, and they never got stuck in objects or went teleporting all over the map...