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Vehicle suspension bug - upon respawning, the suspension infinitely spasms out, making the car unable to move.
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As seen in the title. This bug most likely stems from vehicles dropping slightly on the ground upon spawning. The impact makes the suspension spasm out and the car wont move one inch. Upon removing the tires, the car will shake wildly and sometimes take damage. The chassis will aquire a damaged look and parts attached will get ruined.

Mean bug, considering fuel leakage actually kills any vehicle and cannot be counteracted (in Riot terms: a highly toxic and unfun game mechanic).


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Park car on flat ground

Wait for server restart

Enjoy not being able to drive / your car and possibly its parts getting destroyed

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Please remove fuel leakage untill its counter-actable and bugs are minimized :(

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Yep, i dont know if servers restart for me but that happened on two servers after disconecting for a few hours.

Same thing for me on Exp
After restart Bus got slightly stuck in the ground with its front spoiler. Managed to push it out with arrows but can't drive it away, but it shakes. According to speed indicator it drives. Suspension is freaking out when i demount the tires.

I actually found a fix! Just walk out of distance from the car, between 800m-1km should be enough! When you walk back the car will be fine.

We have had this issue with vehicles, sometimes it helps to remove tires and re-log. If you have a buddy with you, he may be able to move it a few feet and then you can drive it.

Annoying and it seems to be getting worse.

I'm getting the same issue with one of the offroad hatchbacks that spawns in Pusta. Everything goes on but once I try to drive it, it just makes the acceleration noise and doesn't move. It Doesn't help that the spawn is on a hill.