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Offroad and Bus not able to move and shivering when attaching wheels. 0.59.131009
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I found a offroad on DayZ NL 2-7 at Prigorodki. When I attach the pristine wheels, battery and sparkplug I can not drive away. It's like the car is kept in place by an invisible force. The car starts trembeling and is not able to move while its not obstructed. I was ofcourse in gear. My friend has the same issue with a bus at Chernaya Polana. We tried everything to move the vehicles from re-atachting the wheels to shooting it with a bow and arrow.


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Found the offroad at the same spot at Prigorodki before the hotfix and was able to drive away without issues.

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Seconded, 4x4 at spawn sight (Kamarovo) doing same thing tried every thing to get it moving, came "unglued" after restart. Only to become stuck again later at my base. Bug can be resolved at restart or if another player drives vehicle it will move, and then function normally for all players.

Vehicles shudder and shake until they have all wheels and making popping sounds.

Yeah, yeah. We've notcied that too. After 10 minutes of comfortable driving the car's wheels stuck in the ground.

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I can confirm. It happens to me twice with a sedan and a truck. It came unstuck after restart.

I can confirm, this has happened to two Ladas I repaired. One I was able to drive and then it became stuck on the base I driven it to. The next one, became stuck at its own spawn point even after full repair with all pristine parts. Both of them became unstuck by the next day, though without knowing what triggers the event, it remains a clear risk.

Same issue here, noticed it yesterday. First Lada I was unable to move, trembles and shakes, my friend was able to move it first try, I could drive after that. After server restart having same issue. On a different server, second Lada I fixed up and was able to drive but after parking it and logging off/on Lada is stuck. Multiple server restarts later I still cannot move either.

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Make sure you shift gears. Q and E

I have experienced this bug a large number of times, from just after having assembled a vehicle, to five minutes after having parked it, to days after having parked the vehicle. Allowing a second person to attempt moving the vehicle will almost always remedy the stuck wheels.

Please upvote my ticket, number 0029349, as I have included video documentation of this bug.