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Hit "G" to set down FAL, gun just was thrown straight through the ground and disappeared.
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I was going to get water from the creek running along the N/S road that goes to Rogovo from Nadezhdino. I used "G" to toss my gun on the ground, and it disappeared through the ground.


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Get an FAL in hands and load a magazine, preferably from the same helicrash. Go to creek next to road at 057, 093. Find a sudden drop in the creek below a single willow, with a beige, rocky slope up to the willow. Use "G" to throw the gun to the ground about two meters upslope from the creek's edge. Watch in horror, as your gun flies straight into the earth.

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The area in question has a texture that can be searched for stones, but not for missing battle rifles.

I know it may seem foolish to expect a gun to stay on the ground, especially when "G" was used to remove it from hands. That being said, I should be able to throw my gun at a tree trunk, and catch it on the bounce. I should be able to throw my gun into a creek, deceive someone into loaning me a canteen, and pick up the gun from the shallow water and shoot at them. Guns should not just disappear into the earth or water.

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Temp fix i found out through losing many guns or items. Mostly guns.

Find a flat location
drag the gun off your hands to the ground
gun appears

problems now, inclined hills go through the map. Gun is lost. Possible under the map.

The same applies to all tree's, hills, buildings, and objects. Stay perfectly away from them in an open flat location such as the water pump, or rivers.
Drag the gun to the ground, and it should fall. Do not i repeat do not use the X it sometimes works and other times it disappears the gun.

SO drag and force it to the ground seems to work on open flat ground. Try not the hills you will lose it or hit G.

.58 and other patches if you hit G you throw the gun and it always disappears.

I hope that helps others understand what to avoid right now.

Never hit G or you will lose that item. frags and smoke, are much different uses of G.

tires can also be thrown with G without them disappear ;-)