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Vehicle Sounds Inconsistent/Incorrect
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Engine sounds are often not being heard by all players outside of the vehicle even at very close ranges.

The sound of shifting a manual transmission is still able to be heard from 300-400 meters away.


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Was a kilometer away from a sedan and I could hear it shifting without hearing the engine... I thought it was someone reloading or cocking a weapon at first. Very troubling. Turned out it was my friend driving around in a not so nearby town. I didn't experience the same problem with Offroad.

In addition, sedan sounds like it is idling to passenger at all times- except briefly during gear shifts.

I agree this is happening. It will hear the shifting too far away. Most older, clunky vehicles will hear the shift about 50m-100m tops away. Never more then that. Even grinding the gears in dead silence you can only hear that so far.

The sounds are a tad off when shifting inside the vehicle too. Sometimes they rev up too fast without the proper speed ratio of the vehicle. All heavier trucks need a boost in the gear ratio to sound ratio. The speed is just a tad too slow.

I would be honored to test them in closed server? to confirm the feel. Just don't make me search for the parts. I have 29 years driven in a standard and 7 extra years learning on farms etc.. I have driven G license up to 5 ton dump trucks trucks in the 60's They out perform the vehicles in dayz. I have never driven a transport but they do drive way faster then the current class trucks and bus.

However i must say the sounds are not in sync with the gear speed ratios.