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Bad textures (ingame and menu)
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I've got bad textures ingame and in menu now for about two weeks.
It started in 0.59 exp and now I've the same problem in stable.

It occured the first time without any changes of the settings!

-All ingame textures are loading really slowly (most significant: buildings)
-The ingame textures are not getting best quality. They're blurry. (ground, buildings, character, etc.)
-The main menu is blurry too. Letters are really pixelated.
-Ingame, the level of zeroing too!
-Can't don anything. I've tried to change settings ingame + configs. Nothing changed. (Renderresolution and stuff... nothing)

P.S. When it occured first time, I used -newui.

UPDATE (other issue):
I have red borders (left and top) on screen while playing. Maybe that has the same reason...
It has some odd behavior: The disappear, when I look east. Looking west the appear again.
Screenshot uploaded. {F33041} {F33042} {F33043} {F33044} {F33045} {F33046} {F33047} {F33048} {F33049}


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Start Dayz.

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Geez added a comment.Dec 17 2015, 5:02 PM

Hello NewOutlaw.
Do you use any startup parameters?

My current startup parameters are:
-exThreads=7 -maxMem=8192 -cpuCount=4 -noPause -noBenchmark -skipIntro
(with -newui => same problem)

Added two new screenshots of my system specs... (dxdiag)
Hope it helps!

Take everything off. Pull it out and use old UI. If doesn't work then
you may have video memory errors. Also check Heat sink, on CPU and video card to make sure they aren't overheating any.

Hope that helps some

Geez added a comment.Dec 21 2015, 9:16 AM

Hello NewOutlaw.
Remove all your parameters then, as we do not support them and they cause various issues within the game, including crashes. Let me know whether that has resolved your issue or not.

Hello Geez!
Thanks for you support!
I removed all the parameters, but still same problem. Letters very blurry and still no high-resolusion textures.

FIRMSneakydude: I already monitored my hardware (OpenHardwareMonitor), but nothing got more than 75° Celsius. thx anyway!

  • Letters very blurry and still no high-resolusion textures. --

I had the same problem with a laptop! My laptop got an integrated GPU (Intel HD 3000).

UPDATE: I bought a SSD storage. Samsung evo 850.
I cloned the old one to it and gave it another try.
No changing.
Somebody another hint?