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Players are standing at login point for others, invisibility
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Other people can See the you only exactly at the point you logged in, you are freezed.
You can walk and loot normaly, but other players are invisible for you too. You can walk very far away, if any other player slaps you at login point, you will get hit etc.

I tried it with a friend on several servers with several client restarts.
we could allways see eatch other only as freeze on login point. wenn we walked to some door, car etc i can see how my invisible mate opens doors etc and interact with the envoirement. he see it too. if i walked back to our login point he was still as freeze there. wenn i slapped him he got hit, but he was severall hundret meters away. for him, he got slapped by ghost.


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nothing. its on severall servers after several restarts

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Can confirm, no idea what causes it. Been troubleshooting and so far nothing seems to be a direct cause. At first I thought it was my firewall, since it wasn't the first time it gave me an issue I uninstalled it. It worked after a restart and then broke again.

Though in my case it's a little different:

  1. I see people where they were when I first logged in.
  2. They can see me move around.
  3. I can interact with items and objects, aside cars which will start but won't move on my screen (will move serverside however).

I am currently reinstalling but I doubt that'll fix it. I think the game netcode got fucked to hell and back by something. My only guess being that the pipe for player interaction is completely fucked.

Happened to me. I was with a buddy, he could not see me. We both relogged to the same server. I could see his actions fine, but to him I appeared to be standing still when I was actually moving.

I was able to drop items and they appeared where they should, relative to my perception.

I've heard this is actually a very old bug, and that one can run around and shooting while invisible with it, and basically can't die unless someone finds their most recent login point and kills their still-standing avatar. It seems to me that the character controller basically forgets your body and leaves it behind.

I did the following:
Changed from Experimental to Regular. I think there might've been a small version mismatch since the game did in fact download a few megabytes after clicking that off. Deleted local game content and reinstalled.

Not sure which fixed it but so far I'm fine.

Geez added a comment.Dec 17 2015, 2:36 PM

Hello PINGU.
Is it possible that you have connected to experimental server with stable client or vice versa? As it was possible due to a bug and resulted in the behaviour you describe.

PINGU added a comment.Dec 18 2015, 6:58 PM

well, in fact i did not pay attention to the server version, i play on experimental. in the past the incompatible servers where marked with a red "X".

i will test it later

PINGU added a comment.Dec 26 2015, 8:45 PM

ok after severall days of testing, i think this is the key. sometimes i can connect with my exp client into stable servers.

Confirmed 0.59 Stable.

2 nights before EVERY player on my server was invisible (not cvhar, no sounds).