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Possible memory leak causing frame drop that worsens over a play session
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Hi guys, so basically what happens is the longer I play the worse my frame-rate gets. It is never consistently bad but basically I get really good frames for a while at the beginning of a play session and then I start to get brief periods of stuttering where frames drop to around 5.

Those periods of stuttering slowly become more frequent and last longer the longer I play (note, in between stuttering frames are very good)

Whilst .59 was on experimental there was one patch stage that completely fixed this issue for me when you were talking about fixes for dual core users. For a night or two before it was patched and broken again I had beautiful frames and they never dropped so somewhere along the way you guys fixed it. {F33032}


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Every play session. Has actually been an issue for several patches now and only seemed to be fixed last experimental run through very briefly (see above)

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Hello Shagohad.
Another user has reported a similar issue occurring and it was resolved by turning off steam cloud sync. In case you have steam cloud sync turned on, can you try turning it off and let me know whether that has resolved the issue or not?