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After dying and retrieving gear, my gas mask had a strange behavior.
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Failed to dismount top of ladder at brick building at power plant. Died from the fall, but respawned nearby. Ran back to body with lit flare, and recovered all items from my body, some of them were held by a friend. The gas mask rendered in a very strange manner.


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I noticed some similar behavior from a green cowboy hat that a friend had set down for me. The visual bugginess was limited to when the field of vision was including the location that the hat had been set down. When I panned away, the bug disappeared. I ran a couple hundred meters away, and looked in the direction of the visual glitch trigger location, and it brought back the enlarged rendering of the hat. This was consistent, even looking through walls and buildings. Only when line-of-sight to the site that the hat had been picked up from, was obscured by earth, did the bug stop happening.