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Invisible zombies(infected) problem found and can be reproduced.
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sometimes you will attacked by an "invisible" zombie(infected). They are not really invisible, they are underneath the ground.


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Today I tried to reproduce the problem with the invisible attackers.
So I Hit an zombie with an Axe. First time the infected fall down like a tree, and crowch on the ground, then he glitched thru the ground and keep moving/attacking me. So it was not viewable, but not really invisible :-)
I reproduced it two times in 2 other areas, and it was the same. Infected glitched in the ground and crowched underneath the ground and attack.
So you maybe better shoot into the ground to finish them.
Hitting the ground with an axe will not work. Collision request will work for the axe TO the ground, but not for the infected OUT OF the ground.
So please check that.

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Explains the infected I couldn't find last night.
Wasn't sure if it was underground or ghost sounds.
I didn't get attacked though but could definitely heard them running around next to me.

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This appears to have happened to me also, but I was able to kill the Zed with an axe (after about 2 dozen swings) and they certainly seemed to be invisible. I saw the red splash when I was hitting 'nothing'.

This bug has occurred in Experimental build 0.59.131005.

I saw the same thing. But i understand that not all servers are infected by this bug. Only a few and i think it's a problem of game servers.