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Tires disappear from vehicles
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I found a Lada and my friend and me equipped it with 4 tires, battery and spark plug. On the way from Cherno to Elektro one tire suddenly disappeared. It just vanished off of the car. It wasn't at the last spot we attached it, not where we found it, it was just gone. Later we found a bus and were lucky again to find all the parts. This time a tire disappeared while I was driving.

A bit frustrated but stille eager to drive we decided to look for more tires for the Lada and actually managed to find enough. But when I came back to the car to attach the last tire, one of the 3 tires that were already mounted on the car was gone. It kept happening all night. {F33008} {F33009}


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Seems to be happening all the time, at random.

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I have video (3:02) of this occurring to me:

Basically, it seems like the tires disappear roughly 30 minutes after attaching them. At the beginning of my video, it shows the car having all 4 tires. The first tire falls off at 00:52, second tire falls off at around 1:41. After 1:50 doesn't really pertain to the bug, it's just RP on an RP server.

similar things happened to me to on 0.59 Stable. Tires from sedan disappearing (also possibly from barrel)

I rather wait another 6 months for a PROPER stable release. This wasn't ready by a looong shot. Funny how they mentioned 0.60 released before holidays.... what a knee slapper.

Thanks for the constructive feedback Synapse.

This happened to us as well, and when we eventually got all four tires on at once the hatchback was nearly uncontrollable. It kept pulling to the left and sliding all over the place. It looked as if the wheels were buried beneath the surface of the ground, so that may be a separate issue.

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Agree, Had the same issue and tried it with two offroads and bus. Hopefully they will hotfix soon. I have faith :-)

Your welcome GunRunner! Many thanks to you for stating the obvious.

I found 3 Sedans, 9 Sedan wheels, car batteries, spark plugs, hours wasted trying to drive them up the tiniest hill... Sorry for being salty. Was expecting too much from this update I guess.

Funny thing is the same happend with the V3S so this left me thinking that I could have a done a better job slapping my dick on the keyboard randomly.

Another potential cause of this, is due to ghost imagery. If a player picks up a wheel from a spawn, it sometimes/often creates ghost images, where to that player its been picked up, but others it hasn't. As a result, a player that stumbles upon the ghost image can pick it up, causing your tire to vanish. This might only be a small number of the cases though.

In addition, server persistence seems to be so-so for some servers, potentially this could be linked to that somehow, since it occured ~ 30 minutes.

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Hi everyone and thanks for the additional feedback on this. It is exactly what you are showing in your video, Dustymayfire. Thank you for that!!

Just to clarify a few things:

1.) I am talking about stable 0.59. There was no option to choose stable in the drop-down list, that's why I chose 0.59 exp, but I wrote the right version in the "Game version" field.

2.) It is not ghost items being picked up by others. I am certain of this because at some point it was happening and I was the only one on the server. abasees, although what you are describing happened to us as well with guns, barrels and also the tires, this is a different issue.

It was so much fun driving the Lada when it was working. Hope they find whats wrong with this and can hotfix it.

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Hello cO5Mo and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot guys!

Wanted to add that I was using a Lada for about 5 hours last night, never lost any tires at all. Kept all 5 even the one under the hood. One of them got damaged.

Still happening on latest exp build. Attached tire to offroad and after a while that tire was gone, even took off the tire it had when spawned, that tire disappeard. Also you are unable to attach new tire to replace disappeared one. Tried to drive the car after putting all 4 wheels (2 not showing at that moment) -> no go as you might guess. Tire did appear when I damaged it and it became ruined, it appeared to proper wheel. Screenshots.

As it turns out, the tires are actually still there. If you use a lug wrench where the tire disappeared you will have the option to remove the tire. You can then reattach the tire as normal.

Also just by relogging to server you are able to see the tires (in some cases I think). We put all 4 wheels on offroader, 3 of the showed to me and I was driving it with it around until all wheels disappeared. For my friend all the wheels did show up so he was able to drive the car. I relogged after I heard that and was able to see all 4 wheels and drive the car o_O

So I guess this has to be client side bug, server side the attached wheels are there etc. but not for all clients, maybe for the one that attached the wheels?