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No Netting
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I literally spend my time running the coast back and forth for netting until I find it. I spent my entire time while .59 Exp was out finding not a single scrap. Now that's .59 is out, I'm doing the same thing, putting a bunch of apples in my bag and running up and down and I'm hardly finding any boat spawns on the southern part at all... I normally find 1 or 2 objects, usually pants or a shirt and that's the end.


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Run up and down the coast looking for spawned boats and netting won't be part of the items there.

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I forgot why this is important. I like to play a recluse who is always wearing a ghillie. I've gotten pretty good at living without a backpack and a full ghillie suit and I like it's naturally the first thing I make.

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Hello kradarak and thank you for the report.
The netting does spawn correctly, however currently only two kinds of items can spawn at the boats, which lowers the chance for netting to spawn significantly. We are aware of the situation and the system is still going to be tweaked.