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Game crashes constantly
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Error mostly is anims_anm_player.pbo battleye kick. Change servers wont release and keeps kicking. Also battleye constant time out issue in .58 for many people.


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redid full files, checked, admin permissions, router, etc..

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Deleted the files on the client side of things. We investigated this further.

However the client in question has not been kicked since we did this. (pbo kick)
The temp fix that would explain why dayz was error out was a possible client c:user\user\appdata\local\dayz\ battleye folder.

<---different issues
We even pulled out the log files to help refresh the net connection issues.
(I might be onto something here... with the dayz network log files.) .
Also the connection losing connection was not seen. This is why i suggested trying the log file removal, and see if the large file sizes repairs this.

I will test it on 4-5 others that seem to lose connections randomly in different low ping servers.

Error when exiting dayz.
I also tried to fix the memory error by deleting the malloc files. It however did not repair this. It is an internal error.

Geez added a comment.Dec 8 2015, 9:57 AM

Hello FIRMSneakydude.
In case you are experiencing issues with BattlEye, please contact BE support directly at and provide them with as much information as possible so your issue can be resolved.