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Doors appear in different states to different players
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I have experienced this bug several times now both on 0.59 Experimental and the current 0.58 stable.

Basically at random times it seems players are not synced together. For example just now my friend and I were in the prison building (however this occurs in many buildings) and my friend was running through closed doors on my screen. All doors seemed to be closed on my screen but some were open for my friend and he was running right through them. I could not and I had to open each door, in fact sometimes I would have to click open twice for it to work. This is sort of gamebreaking in a multiplayer experience.

I could not find this issue anywhere else when I searched for "doors" on the bug tracker. It has been in the game for quite sometime but I can confirm it is definitely present in 0.59 Exp and 0.58 stable.

EDIT: In addition to this, the bug can be fixed by punching the wall of the said building, all doors appear in the correct position after this. This makes me believe this is related to previous issues of items not being able to be picked up while indoors.


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2 players enter a building. Notice that a player can run through closed doors on another players client. Not always reproducible.

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Hello Komalt and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue (#0026870) and it has been scheduled for a fix.