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Paint rifle, crashes game always
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Paint gun with ghillie wrap, with hunters scope and it crashes the game.

Green or black, doesn't matter rifle but was a cr527 and can be a blaze too.

happened 3 times after full reset. Total locked up all 3 times. then you get your wonderful memory errors.

GOtta love bugs :(


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Painted ghillie wrap, put hunters scope on rifle, load it with bullets.

Take spray can, paint gun part.. Ghillie wrap goes poof and hunters scope then you lock up hard.

Did it 3 times full game restart, and each time locked up pretty much the same spot after painting the gun. When returned all items are not effected color, all back in place, and paint cans still with paint.

Pickup from ground paint, apply to weapon and hard lockup. So its in the paint department.

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Sick of bugs, repeating myself lately...... will wait till roll out .59 before submitting anything more.

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Hello FIRMSneakydude and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue, it has been fixed internally and should be fixed on current experimental branch already.