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[0.59 4th EXP] I have lost 2 AK-74 mags while attempting to reload my AKS-74U (on -newui)
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As stated above.

My setup is as following. I carry a SVD shouldered, and an AKS-74U with silencer in hands. When using the SVD, i keep the 74u in the backpack. As for ammo, i had 1 74 mag in the gun itself, and 1 spare 74 mag in a protector case, with 2 stacks of 30 rnds of 5.45 ammo.

After a brief firefight, I tried to top off the mag in my gun. I took the mag down into the backpack inventory, and tried to drag and drop the 30 rnd stack on it. Nothing happened.

After trying that for a bit more, i decided to right click/eject rounds from the mag (there were 14 remaining after the firefight). That did the trick, i was able to load the mag. It contained 30 rounds now. I tried attaching it back to the gun ("Add as attachment"), it didn't work. I thought about ejecting the chambered round that was left in the AKS-74U (maybe it was causing issues). Didn't help.

I took the gun in hand to see if i would get the "Reload the AK-74 mag" actionmenu prompt. Nope. I went back in the menu... and I saw the mag not there.

I thought to myself "Oh well, alpher and experimental..." and I wanted to load the spare mag in there. It was also gone from my protector case!

I thought it is just some visual bug or something and thought relogging might help. It didn't, no mag appeared anywhere.

I am playing with -newUI enabled.


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Steps To Reproduce

Have an AKS74u with a half full mag.

Have a spare mag in a protector case in backpack.

Have spare stacks of 5.45 in said backpack

Detach AK mag and put it in inventory

Attempt to drag a stack of 5.45 to top off the mag (didn't work for me)

Empty the said mag (worked)

Attempt to drag a stack of 5.45 to load the now empty mag (worked for me)

Attempt to attach the mag to the 74U (didn't work for me)

Attempt to go in 1st person, to reload through actionmenu (didn't work for me)


Find both mags gone.


Additional Information

I believe that this has something to do with the new mechanics you guys are implementing for weapons. But please, do some testing for the mag-fed weapons.

It is highly bothersome for something like this to happen. I will have you know that at the moment, the AK-74 mags are rarer than a SVD, VSS or any other fancy gun.

(I have seen upward of 7 SVDs and just 3 AK-74 mags in Experimental)

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[EXP Update 6] Again, i have found a mag, and again have i lost it this way. It is highly frustrating given the rarity of these things.

The magazine weapons are EXTREMELY WONKY in 0.59 and I advise that you recheck them.

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket as obsolete?