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Spawned naked in Chernogorsk, could not take any clothes
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On my first spawn after updating to Experimental I spawned without any clothes (naked) in Chernogorsk and was, even though I tried with multiple clothing items, not able to put any clothes at all. I was able to take items into my hands. {F32903}


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Same here, when I turned off the -newui it was fine though.
Seems I had picked up items but no cloths showed, or could be picked up, on my character in menu or in game.

Same when I first started playing in 59. Relogged and my spawn gear appeared.

This is in NewUI only, and is caused by the new UI not loading your starting clothes. You cannot wear new clothes as there is no way to switch them out in the old UI without dragging clothes onto each other, but since it thinks you have no clothes, you cannot do this.

I don't use the new ui. Happened tonight in electro, had to relog.

i posted a ticket about this too.

Only relog make your clothes visible. Happened with NewUI for me, with the old one it never happened

Geez added a comment.Feb 10 2016, 2:46 PM

Hello kll4 and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.