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Sedan refuses to move with all 4 wheels & other parts required to run
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Car has battery, sparkplug, all 4 tires but refuses to move, have tried taking tires on & off & using the manual transmission options but nothing works.

Here is a video i recorded of bug.


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do you shift for the transmission? Press Q or E

Nysyth added a subscriber: Nysyth.May 9 2016, 12:05 AM

Yes I changed gears, that caused the car to move a few inches as the wheels spun in place, its almost like the wheels have no friction with the ground.

It appears to happen frequently to the sedan. IF it does move, it slides all over the place. Some say its because of a ruined sparkplug

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Try pressing Q all the way till in reverse, then press E twice to get it in first, then accelerate. It must be in first to take off and it's very hard to tell what gear you're in.

Komalt added a subscriber: Komalt.May 9 2016, 12:05 AM

I believe this is just an issue of driving. Its hard to get used to the manual transmission and true the car does slide around too much but after playing with it for several hours I can say I'm a pro at the Sedan. Ruined spark plugs or ruined battery's have no effect.

Take TimF's advice he has the right idea. And indeed there should probably be some kind of interface showing you which gear you are in.