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Plate Carrier Glitch
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Every time I hit "4", which is the number to which I have my M1911 assigned, it creates a duplicate fake copy in the holster slot of my Plate Carrier. I've tried a bunch of things to fix it, including dropping the gun on the ground and relogging multiple times. All that I have been able to do is get rid of the fakes by relogging, but the problem reoccurs each time.

This character and gear is legacy from the first 0.59 build on Experimental. {F32896}


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My friend and I got the bug to disappear by following these steps.

  1. Dropped Plate Carrier on the ground.
  1. Moved the M1911 from the Plate Carrier to the vicinity.
  1. I logged out.
  1. My friend put the M1911 in his hands.
  1. My friend logged out.

Upon both of us relogging, I put my Plate Carrier back on and then he dropped the M1911 on the ground. I picked it up, but it back into my Plate Carrier and now it works the way one would expect.

Aaaaaaand it's gone.

The M1911 has now despawned completely. After fixing it, the server gave the restart warning and we got kicked. Not sure if the hive didn't update or if this was another stage of the bug.

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Can confirm that I experienced a similar problem with the regular pistol chest holster and a Magnum.

edit: I had my Magnum disappear on me as well but I got it back after a relog.

Tried again with a Magnum. Same issue. Duplicates until eventually the gun despawned. I actually ended up taking the pistol holster pouch off of the plate carrier and throwing it away so I wouldn't accidentally keep having the problem.

Yup it seems all holsters are bugged in this way, at the moment.

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Hello ColdAtrophy and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue (#0028701) and it has been scheduled for a fix.