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Multiple glitches noticed

  • MP5 doesn't aim down iron sights. They are obviously mounted on the weapon, but character doesn't seem to know how they work, and are simply not using the sight available.
  • Both reddot sights for MP5, UMP45 and M4, seem to have no optics in them. Thus no glass is "broken" when sights are damaged and badly damaged, and no red dot appears.
  • BUIS sight, at least when attached to UMP45, doesn't aim properly. It's like you're looking at the same point as without BUIS (iron sight) on the barrel, but as the BUIS sight is raised quite a bit compared to this viewpoint, you're not actually looking at the aimpoint.
  • Invisible players. I've experienced "weird" deaths, both where i died suddenly and unexpected without hearing gunfire or anything, and i've had both backpack, pants and jacket ruined, while only hearing one shot fired (obviously receiving multipole hits though). None of these necessarily told me anything, except probably desync. But what happened yesterday, could put some of these in a different light. I am running with 2 friends, who both suddenly dissapeared. I was looking straight at one of them when he vanished, and still i figured desync. We all had a good direction on where we were headed, so we kept running, and i expected to see them "desync" closer to me, all of a sudden. As it will often appear. Then one of my friends started talking ingame (chatting on the radio), and the ingame sound was right next to me. I had no radio at the time, and the one you spawn with, i had thrown away immediately, and it had never been turned on. Just mentioning this to do my best to rule out radio glitch from the equation. So we stop, and my 2 friends confirm that they ARE in fact right next to me. We had been running together all along, and still i couldn't see them. Completely invisible! They can see me - but i see no trace of them. We were running around each other for a bit, pondering the situation, and they obviously took the opportunity to punch me, and yet they were nowhere to be seen.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • MP5 iron sight: Just look down the sights
  • Reddot: Attach to weapon and aim
  • BUIS sight: Attach and aim
  • Invisible players: I only have the eye witness account, and have not been able to confirm that any "suspicious" deaths are in fact related to this.

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For the BUIS there is a report here already:

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Hello Target006 and thank you for the report.
All of these issues have been reported previously and have been scheduled for a fix. Also, please create a separate ticket per each issue the next time you are reporting into the feedback tracker.