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No zeroing number while scoped in
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Whilst scoped into a weapon, whether it be a winchester or an AK, the zero number in the top right isn't displayed. However if you try zeroing the gun up or down using your hotkey it still works, just that the number your changing to isn't displayed.


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Ingame UI
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Aim down sight to reproduce

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On .59 exp patch #2

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I've noticed this as well, but I think something is just happening to the color of the font. If you angle your aim up to the sky or some other background, you can kind of see the outline of the zeroing number.

Today I had a scoped Blaze and my secondary was an Mp5.
I don't know how it really works but changing guns somehow changes the font color of your zeroing.
By switching from Mp5 to the Blaze I could change the font color to white and I could read zeroing numbers perfectly then.

is this dependent of the usage of the new UI by chance?

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Was using oldui