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.59 Experimental Inventory Access Bar Issue
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The inventory access bar in .59 Experimental has the first 5 slots (1-5) usable, but the remaining slots (6-0) are blocked out from having anything placed in them. Upon logout/login it seems that only slots 1 and 2 save the inventory item associated with those first two slots. Slots 3-5 are emptied/still usable and slots 6-0 still remain blocked out, during that game session.


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Drag items to slots 1-5, logout/login only slots 1 and 2 have items.

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Hello shinjuru and thank you for the report.
The unavailable slots are result of the new quickbar changes, the number of available quickbar slots is determined by the amount of inventory slots of the clothing your character wears. The incorrect saving of items upon relog is an issue though and it has been scheduled for a fix.

Well, what is placed on the quick bar should only relate to the number of items on the character and not the amount of available slots. It's pretty evident that I have access to all of the items I wish to place on the quick bar, why not allow me to use the quick bar as I see fit? Very odd intentional change!

I was informed that if I added clothing to my pack it would open those slots up. This worked, I used a sweater and a pair of surgical pants added into my pack and can use the remaining slots. I don't like doing that, but it works for now though it does kill three slot in inventory I could use for other, more important things... Yeah, I'll say it, it's very H1Z1. BOO HISS!