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[0.59 Exp] Game crashing "the instruction at 0x00d3fe1f referenced memory at 0x0000000c"
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Random game crashes (sometimes after 1min, sometimes after an hour)on de-02 (the 75 Player experimental Server). Game crashes with the attached message (Translation should be something like: "the instruction at 0x00894f7e referenced memory at 0x0000000c. "read" could not be executed in the memory").


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Seems to happen to a lot of people on DE-02 (the 75 Player experimental Server)

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I was playing with a friend and only I had that problem (5 Crashes within an hour). But at one point the game crashed again for me, my friend and I even heard someone on the radio saying that his game crashed (sound could still be heard). my friend had the exact same error message as me.

no startup parameters

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I can confirm this. Also, the game crashes more regularly on 75 person server with more than 60 ppls. I'm here now because I haven't been able to spend more than 10 min in the 1pp Central server.

I had one last night while in a 50pp server.

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