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[0.59 EXP] Some weapons (Skorpion, MP5K, Rak) are too big in inventory when compared to AKS-74U or UMP
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As stated above.

I would suggest the following sizes for the aforementioned guns:

Skorpion - 2x3 slots

Rak - 3x3 slots

MP5K - 3x3 slots

Longhorn - 2x3 slots

Red 9 - 2x3 slots


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Skorpion and Rak are just too big and useless in order to see them effectively used. The round that they use (.380ACP) is propelled by bunny farts when it comes to lethality. With them also hogging up inventory space, I see very little when it comes to their usability other than novelty.

Consider making them smaller in inventory in order to make them more usable.

Also, make the Longhorn and Red 9 larger in inventory. They are simply massive.

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Agreed. Skorpion should not take more than 6 slots. Perhaps give an option to fold the stock. Somewhat like how you can disassemble the Trumpet.

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket as obsolete?