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0.59 Experimental - Possible Server Crash, Definite Server Issue
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I am making this private since people could potentially use this info to cause server problems. If that doesn't seem necessary, feel free to change it.

I was playing on the following server on the 1PP Public Experimental Hive:

DayZ US Central 0-2 (Experimental/Unstable)

I began to put together a small camp. I placed 3 barrels next to one another near a tree. I then found a car tent and a civilian tent. I took the two tents a short distance (perhaps about 150 meters away) from the barrels. I placed both, put about 20-30 items in the car tent, went back to the barrels, filled my inventory up with items from the barrels, put one barrel in hand, and went back to the tents. As soon as I got to the tents, I attempted to place the barrel just inside the car tent entrypoint. The game inventory became unresponsive. I then began to teleport back about 20 meters the way I had come. Each time, I would get to the tents and then the game would teleport me back. This happened at least 4 times. Finally, I regained control of my character, walked back to the tents, and then my character dropped the barrel. However, the barrel appeared at the location that the game had been teleporting me to. I tried to pick it back up, but still the inventory was unresponsive.

I decided to log out and try to log back in, hoping that would clear up the issue. I am now not able to log into the server at all. Every time I try, I get the error "connecting failed". This problem seems similar to the camp lag issue that was recently patched for 0.58 Stable. Perhaps the current Experimental build does not have the fix for camp lag within it?


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Place at least 3 barrels and two tents within 150 meters of one another.

Add 80-100 items in total spread across those persistent storage containers. Does not have to be evenly distributed but I would recommend placing 20-30 items in the tents and the rest in the barrels.

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UPDATE: Now the camp is working fine, as if nothing had ever been wrong in the first place. I'm going to try to make it happen again and see if I can figure out what's causing it.