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DayZ NL 2-1 not able to load character from public hive
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My clan and I love playing DayZ and we have build a nice base on DayZ NL 2-1
( 27016 hosted by

Often when we log in on this public hive server our characters seem not to load from the public hive and we are freshspawns, while we have fully geared characters on public. When this issue occurs we are spawning in fresh on randon locations when we try to reconnect. We are able to run to our camp site and can see no camp, the server also spawns no loot when this happens. So it seems that DayZ NL 2-1 is sometimes not able to load our characters from the central hive. The problem is not always appearing. Yesterday we had no problems on this server but today and the day before yesterday we are not able to play with our public characters on this server.

I have filled out complaints at, but they are not able to fix the issue. I really hope you guys can because we have a lot of effort in our little camp and this issue spoils our experience a bit. Thank you in advance.


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Log-in with a fully geared character on DayZ NL 2-1 (

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It had been like this since we are playing on this server( release of hotfix of .58

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Geez added a comment.Nov 2 2015, 4:11 PM

Hello ArghAPirategaming.
It appears that the server suffers from constant ddos attacks which are causing this. The server provider has been contacted and they are working on a solution.

Hi Geez,

Sad to hear this server suffers so much from ddos attacks. The server is now completely down. Can you guys maybe bring it online again? Thanks in advance.



@Geez I think this ticket need to be closed

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