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Suggestions On Food
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As we all know that food is key to survival in this game, and I've been playing for a hell of a long time. I love this game so much and it's setting, but when I find canned goods they are all American canned goods based of real American caned goods. Since this is a fictional country that is heavily based of Czech republic and Russia, I think we need more canned goods and drinks based of real life Russian and Czech food products. When the DayZ Sa came out, it had two canned goods. One Written in Czech the other in Russian, then there was three types of sodas called "Zluta" and they where written in Czech. This game is one of the most realistic and fun survival games, but it's lacking the theme in which was brought up in the start.

Please don't ignore this, it means a lot to me and other who play this awesome game! {F32752}

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Still you have to remember that Chernorus became a communism-free country so it has various goods from across the world and not only low quality and even lower quantity stuff made in USSR conquered-participant countries.

Nevertheless I also think that there should be more types of food and sodas. Where are glass bottles with sodas? Why there is no vodka? Why you can't brew or distill your own beverages?

I am aware of Chernarus becoming independent from the soviet union, but still no given reasons to find american brands, my mother lived in the soviet union and after the collapse and all the former republics don't rely on imported foods as they cost more to import than actually manufacture.

@rustycaddy: No Coke? No Pepsi? You gotta be kidding me. Even when USSR was still alive there were plenty of such beverages across all occupied countries and not only in DDR/PRL/CSR.

Hi rustycaddy,

Thanks for sending through your suggestion on this subject. I'll see what the designers have to say on this, but I can't guarantee that the idea will be implemented in the future.