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Combat Knife gets degraded from Pristine to Ruined after opening a single can.
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As stated above. Please upgrade its durability, since it is the most useful knife due to its store-in-boot quality.

This issue was persisting ever since the function to open can with knife was added.


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Find a pristine/worn combat knife, try to open any can/chop a bush down for sticks, etc. Observe how it gets ruined instantaneously.

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My combat knife went from pristine to damaged skinning one cow. Then went from damaged to ruined skinning one more cow.

Geez added a comment.Oct 27 2015, 1:02 PM

Hello HrcAk47.
I have tested this on current stable (public server) and did not encounter such behaviour. I was able to open 8 cans and the knife remained pristine. Is there any other information you could share, which could lead us towards the cause of the problem?