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Fps drops then locks at around 10
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This happens periodically and doesn't seem to be server related as it will happen on any. Basically, my fps drops randomly to very low and stays there, all the meshes/ textures take on a very basic form. Relog solves it. my temps are ok. Running win 7 on an i7 4790k, gtx 980ti.


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Hey Moriquendi23, I have the same issue (0028208), and from searching around I understand that setting the graphics to higher detail might fix it. I haven't tested yet as I'm not at my computer now.

I think the only thing not on high is terrain. So I'll bump that up. Also I don't use post process. No radial blur or bloom. AA on low and fxaa on low too. So what should I change?

As I had that issue as well then maybe you should test it on the other server as I suppose it is related to some player created items (such as items containers).

However I thing the issue is reproducible when going north from the vodka factory in Vybor city. That place was repeatedly causing such issues but in 0.57.

Get rid of maxMem, threads and maxVram launch parameters

I've put HDR to low, post processing off and alpha coverage Arma 2 grass+trees and I didn't have those hdd spikes and fps drops to 1 for now (played for about 3 hours). Try this and see if it helps you too