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Constant "No Message Recieved for XX seconds" After 30 mins of gameplay
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So basically just starting a couple of days ago I started getting the No message received error on every server played after only 20-30 mins of gameplay and everytime it finally kicks me off the server for my Battle Eye client not responding my whole computer freezes and goes into a big screen mode and I have to restart my computer after this happens. I have tried re installing the game multiple times and still have no luck is there any solution to this? P.S. I cant even play dayz for 20-30 mins anymore before getting this message and having to restart my whole computer it's really getting on my nerves. Is there something wrong with my Battle Eye client that's causing this? Thank you for your time.


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Sorry my bad i actually have a Windows 8 OS my bad

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Hello gamerdude7892.
Please try the suggested fixes at and in case the issue still persists, contact BE support directly at and provide them with as much information as possible, so your issue can be resolved.