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Cannot Dye Leather Backpack
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Was able to dye every other piece of leather gear black with nails but when I attempted to do it with my leather backpack it gave me the message "there is not enough water" or something to that effect. I thought this was strange but tried to add water from my canteen to the open and empty barrel and it told me there was something already in the barrel. So I tried just adding the full canteen itself to the barrel and trying to dye but still received the same not enough water message. Unsure if I just don't have enough nails and for some reason it defaults to a not enough water message.. {F32707} {F32708} {F32709} {F32710}


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Steps To Reproduce

Open barrel lid
Put leather backpack in barrel
Put stack of 50 nails in barrel
Close barrel lid
Right click and select dye leather backpack black
Receive water error message
Open barrel
Drag and drop full canteen onto barrel and select add to barrel
Receive barrel already has something in it message
Place canteen inside barrel with stack of fifty nails and leather backpack
right click select dye leather backpack black

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update: Tried with same nails in a different barrel and it worked without addition of any water. Barrel I first attempted on was there longer and had protector cases near it; if it makes a difference.