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Creating infinite numbers of 7.62x39 ammo from one stack
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I've found that you can duplicate 7.62x39mm ammo by splitting it into half and dropping the unrefreshed stack onto ground and repeating those process indefinitely.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get a 7.62x39mm ammo into your inventory.
  2. Split it.
  3. Observe as the original stack is showing the same amount of items as before a split.
  4. Drop the original stack on the ground.
  5. Observe as there is no refresh of the count of items (or where items count is read from a bad equation/function).
  6. Pick the stack back to your inventory.
  7. Split it again and get an infinite numbers of that type of ammo.
Additional Information

I've tried the method also on:

  • Rags;
  • 7,62x54mm ammo;
  • 5,45x39mm ammo,

but they are split in half correctly, without creating dupes.

Will check other stackables and will post in here my findings.

After another round of testing I've found that I am no longer capable of duping 7,62x39mm ammo so I have to test on other types of ammo as well.

I have to admit that the feature showed up on a server with higher than usual ping (170-220). Maybe desync has occured?

Would appreciate any info and ideas of test scenarios so I can test the issue more extensively.

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Perhaps you should make this ticket private! :)

I've tested it more.

I can't dupe 7,62x39mm but I can do that with 5.45x39mm now.

I think it depends on the initial condition of what hapend to the item before it popped in our Inventory.

It seems that you can do it on freshly picked up items.

I removed ammo from a mag and could do the dupe only once. After that it went OK again.

I think the issue is related to badly designed item refresh function in 0.58.

I've managed to dupe some more 7,62x39mm but only those stacks I pickud up from the ground and only by splitting the initial (picked up) stack.

I think it may concern all types of stackable items which can be picked up from the ground and then split.

I don't know how I duped the ammo removed from a mag - I can't reproduce it.

It seems that only picked up items have this issue and only under really complicated conditions.

I think the issue is not worth investigating as Devs do know and do fix issue with refreshing items after actions performed on such items (refill/repair/combine).

Devs: Please close this issue or add some portions of it to the issue related to fixing bad refresh of the items state and count.