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Game Crash - When trying to join server
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Game and Steam both crash when trying to join a server. When the game crashes Steam also crashes.
I try multiple servers then retry the servers I have already tried that session.
The server I choose does not effect if the game crashes as I have tried 15-20 random servers over the past two (2) days.
I have tried joining through the (global) server list and through favorites and it doesn't seem to effect if it will crash or not.
So far the game has not crashed if I select "Play" without changing servers. If I change servers after selecting that option (load into the server then quit)I have not experienced the game crashing either.
The most times it has crashed sequentially before loading successfully is 7. If I keep trying eventually the game will join a server and then runs stable.
I am not experiencing any higher then normal pings and once the game is running it is very stable. Once playing if I decide to change servers then I do not experience any problems. It is only happening from starting a new session after the initial loading of the game.


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Game Crash
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Start Steam. Start up DayZ then select server.

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The problem has only been happening for two (2) days. In that time the only thing that has changed to my knowledge is Steam updated. And the problem has only been since that particular update but that maybe only a coincidence.
I have not updated my OS, Graphics card, network card, anti-virus/pop-up software or any in-game settings in a week.
I have minimal background programs running, but they are:
Jabba/Pidgeon, Firefox and Chrome, various Windows folders and both Teamspeak and Mumble. These programs have also not been updated.
I have tried disabling all of these programs but the game and Steam still crash.

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Try to update Windows and drivers and then check again.

Reinstalling Steam and DayZ is also a possibility but probably you won't like it (other installed games from Steam etc.).

Are there any errors related to the crash?

A quick update to this, I noticed that after starting the game up and selecting 'Play' I did not have this problem in 5 starts. I then tried to start by selecting the server through the browser and 4 out of 7 times both DayZ and Steam crashed (with no errors).

As per what Rebeliant said (thank you for the suggestions btw), I have updated Windows as well as my display and sound drivers. I then tried the game but it still crashed when selecting a server. I did not try to start repeatedly however.

I then reinstalled DayZ and tried to play. DayZ crashed on two (2) more occasions. Once more I did not try to start repeatedly.

After that I then reinstalled Steam and try again but I still had the same problem. I did not try repeatedly though.

I then tried to play by selecting the "Play" option and not try to manually select a server and I have not had DayZ or Steam crashing. I have only tried this about 4 or 5 times. I can also select other servers if I quit that game and select a server from the server browser screen as long as I don't exit the game back to Windows.

My time is limited today so I will keep trying this later. I will update this in a day or two.

During research of other errors related to game running/server joining I've encountered some Google feedback which corresponds with VB++ Redistributables. You can try to uninstall VB++ Redistributables and then reinstall them.

Download those redistributables first when you have them on the list of installed apps (Win+R > appwiz.cpl).

be aware that those redistributables may also be used by other games and apps. Don't mess with your Windows if you do not feel capable of doing so.

Pity you did not post any errors related to that issue (if there are any error codes shown anyway).