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AKM's unrealistic recoil
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Atm AKM feels like full auto Barrett M82. The recoil is so ridiculous, that the only way to use AK is in semi-auto mod.
If you don't have a real AKM, look how it should be:


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I find nothing wrong with the recoil on the AKM, even on full auto. Firing a firearm doesn't work the same way in ArmA/DayZ as it does in Call of Duty or Battlefield. The player must manually control the weapon's kickback.

AKM is a very powerfull weapon with plenty of force to give back to the soldier after every single round fired. I've never fired a machine gun IRL, only .44 Magnum and lesser weapons, but I can only imagine that AKM is so powerfull that .44 Magnum is a toy when compared, and .44 Magnum can easily get your hands injured.

Even in the video posted by sukablyat2 we can clearly see how the AKM pushes back that guy. And he is not firing continuously but as he should fire AKM (2 shot burst, just to be sure the head is ripped of the enemy's torso).

TBH I'd rather do a research in the direction of having the DMG of AKM bullets increased so AKM would be finally significantly more powerful than AK74 as they seem to be almost the same in the way of dealing damage.

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In real life situation the second bullet in both, burst or auto fire, is very hard to land on target. Full auto is very rarely usefull in something else then making noise.
IN burst mode you have a choice to make, either you try a non-lethal first hit in hope to get the second hit more centered under the neck or you go straight for a good hit with the first bullet. Only an expert marksman will have more success in burst because, while in semi-auto you can hit your target with each bullets easily, as long as you can aim straight.

@Phas3r: That's why you shoot bursts from AK's by aiming at the torso so the second bullet has a chance of hitting the head and ripping it off the enemy torso ;-)