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Character stuck
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My character is stuck under a house. Please free him from under there.


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Were you glitching at the time when you got under a house?

No i Logged out when i was in the house and the next time i logged in i was stuck under the floor and i have been stuck since.

You can try the method which is used by glitchers.

There is a thread on this forum with videos of exploits/glitches. One is describing going under houses.

Try to get out from that trap by using a prone position or using vaults ("V" key).

If that won't help then try to use a method which allows glitchers to hide under houses in the first place.

Open game, log into a server, change game to Windowed (not full screen) so you can see an X icon which closes the window with the game. If you have a windowed mode on then run towards a wall leading out and while running press an X so the game will close. There is a chance that you will be outside after you log in back again.

I attempted to vault and using prone position but couldnt escape...then i tried the windowed suggestion but when im in game the mousepointer is gone so i cant click down the window. How do i do so the mousepointer i visible when in game?

Dunno exactly. I haven't tried to glitch that way. Maybe pressing TAB will help?

But the character stops running when i press tab or alt+tab, so theres no way i can keep him running and use the mousepointer :/

I often run with my Inventory open. You should be able to run with Inventory open as well, even sprint.

Hi johanhgg,

Thanks for sending in your information. Your problem should now be solved. In case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to submit a new ticket.