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clothes get wet when put on
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my clothes and body where wet from the rain, so I get to a dry place and wring them out: the item is damp now, but when I put it on it is wet again. I wring it out severel times but its the same problem, everytime i put it on it get wet again (while i am in a dry place)


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Hello josh190691 and thank you for the report.
The wetness status of a character is total sum of wetness of all items currently equipped on the character. The status also applies amount of wetness onto particular items being equipped, which means that equipping dry items onto a wet character will get the items wet and equipping wet items onto dry character will get the character wet. Only way to prevent this is to have the character dry off before any clothes are put on and have the clothes completely dried off. Keep in mind that the game is still in development though, and the system will most likely change in the future.