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My character keeps getting wiped when changing servers
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My character has been wiped twice now when I change servers. I know not to interact with anything when this happens and I haven't but I have been wiped twice now. This is unacceptable. I was on one server, then I changed to a different one and now my character is gone. all my gear that I spend hours gathering is gone. It happened yesterday and today. As soon as I spawn in he is wiped so I immediately log off and change to a different server and he is wiped. I cannot believe this is happening on a "Stable" patch.


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Spend hours of your life gearing up and server hop only to have all your gear wiped. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DId you had your gears back the day after? Because usualy when maintenance starts and before all server goes down, it seems that the database for our charachter is removed first so everyone does login as a new player.

Usualy it come back to normal when maintenance is over and your character is back with everything he had.

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Hello Basy40.
This has been caused by an attack on our character database as announced by Eugen Harton at his twitter account ( Unfortunately we do not reimburse lost characters, however we are working hard on preventing such attacks happening again in the near future.