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Items put on floor by players not cleaning up
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I play on Eldorado GER server (private), noticed one jacket, that was put by a player on ground some 3 days ago. It is still there, on the same spot after all this time. It is damaged. I don't think anybody moved it, because it is on the same place and i visited this place for 3 times already during these three days.

See pictures, you can visit the place in game. {F32667} {F32668}


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It seems that some jackets when ruined stays on the ground like "persistence" items. I've managed to spot on various servers (same hive) and various locations some ruined jackets.

And Bambies' pants (jeans) seems to be as well staying longer than expected.

Maybe there is a reason for that? Items possessed longer than a particular amount of time are more persistent tnat picked&dropped items during manual server items wipe outs.