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Lost the weapons I put on the earth
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I wore a 2 weapons, one was in the inventory and the other I was holding and when I put the weapon that was in my hands (AKM) on the ground it was gone , scoured the whole area but it wasn't :(


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Same happened to me(twice) once with the AUG(very, very pissed about that) and with an AK74. both times accidently switched them with a ground object, and they both disappeared.

Since the game totally broke down (my character resets every log in) and further playing is not available so I will report some stuff as well.

Date of occurrence: 10th of Oct 2015
Time of occurrence: about 01:00 CEST
Server Name: [CHG]Chimera-Gaming

Inventory state: AKM on back, AKM in hands, UMP in Olive High Capacity, Binoculars in M65 Jacket and binded to the "4" key.

How the bug popped up: Running fast towards Dubrovka from Grishino. Suddenly I decided to use binoculars. I pressed "4". The AKM in hands was put to the ground and dissapeared. Binoculars correctly put into hands.

Pressing "4" again - binoculars correctly put in the M65 Jacket.

Re-logging of the game didn't help.

I rarely travel with 2 major weapons on my char as there is a high chance of happening sth. bad. The above example is one of such mishap. I forgot to put AKM on ground myself. The alpha engine is full of bugs within conditional loops so there are still plenty of mishaps to happen.