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My Simple Fix for all wall glitches
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After dying again to someone glitched into a wall id have to say we all know to well about the wall glitches present in Dayz at the moment. I wont go into particular about where they are but I have an idea that may work at least in the short term to solve this issue.

Why not create a pit in those locations so if someone glitches through they fall to their death or if you really want to be mean make it so that its deep enough to be stuck but not enough to kill so they have to starve their way out of it. Or an additional room can be added in the locations of glitches so that they become enterable normally (personally I prefer the pit idea).

I'm assuming if it was an easy fix it would have been corrected by now.

Unless of course the devs have something behind the scenes that we don't know about?


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The only fix to any glitches is to eliminate the glitches itself and there are probably dozens of already known glitches and possibly even more glitches not found yet.

You have to understand that not all players are exploiting game glitches. Only those retarded do so ;-)

And thus a quick temporary fix in the meantime should be fine.

The problem is they just sit in there wait for someone and jump out, shoot them loot and jump back in