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V3s tires present but not actually on truck after a restart
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I found two trucks and ended up breaking one very badly, so I decided to take the tires off of Truck A and put them on Truck B.
Later on the server restarted, and the truck tires "appeared" to be on Truck A, but if you tried to take them off they did not exist. When you take a pristine tire from truck B and put it on truck A, the tire actually goes on but in damaged condition post restart.

I'm wondering if "vehicle condition" is a thing? Could I have badly damaged "Truck A" which resulted in the tires being always damaged? Also will damaged tires prevent a truck from going >15KPH?


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Steps To Reproduce

Take all tires off of Truck A
Restart Server
Check tires, they appear to be on the truck but the truck only does 15KPH.
Take tires off of Truck B, and put them on truck A. You'll notice the player first takes off of the tire(cuz its not really there) and puts it back on.
Restart Server
All tires will be on Truck "A" but in damaged condition
Tires on Truck "B" are in pristine.

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Hello osb and thank you for the report.
This is an issue we are aware of and it has been scheduled for a fix.