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SKS spawn is too high
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You can find 5-10 sks in one military base, 2-3 in one tent. Same goes to 7.62x39 ammo, it is very common. As a result, 50% of ppl I have killed, had this gun.


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There are AK's out there, but someone has to pick up the "trash" loot in the barracks/tents to get new items to spawn (such as ak's).

I think people are grabbing other guns and leaving their sks's.

SKS as the basic military grade weapon should be so high.

Imagine that devs will drop the amount of SKS's to be spawned.

Furthermore there will be a higher chance to find AK74/AKSU/AKM or even NATO weapons.

The overall amount of weapons should be dropped. But I think this will be implemented in new loot system as the present system is some kinda bad, full of flaws and I think Devs are right now implementing a new loot system.

Most armies dropped the use of the SKS and the only time that iv'e ever really seen them being used is for ceremonial purpose when the army is parading around.

In reality the SKS should be a civilian firearm AKMs and AK-74/74-U should be spawning in those tents. Also rebeliant brings up a valid point. People need to pickup the SKSs to give something else a chance to spawn. Typically I just do a quick loot to get food and then run north. Once at the airfield I grab an SKS and some ammo from the tents then find someone with a better gun.

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on private server not so much, on public yes