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Glitch into a lake makes it possible to kinda swim through the whole map
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Hello Dev´s
My name is Knezo Caixao. I am the founder and leader of the DayZ4All Clan and its servers.
I want to send you a short vid about a glitch we found out. Using this glitch will give players a huge advantage due to if you inside the glitch you´re kinda invisible for other players. I will send this vid as private because i am afraid to make it public.

The Glitch:
Video is pretty much self explained. Start going into lake with weapon in hand. When start swimming zoom into the glitch (the stripe in the middle of the lake). Keep swimming. When leave the lake you´re into the glitch. You then are able to kinda swimming throught the WHOLE map. Inside the glitch you´re able to do everthing like normal. JUST FOR OTHER PLAYERS you inside the glitch and able to hide. You can leave the glitch by eating or drinking.

Hope this glitch will not be found out by others and you´re able to fix it asap.

Best Regards .. ...

Knezo Caixao


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Steps To Reproduce

The glitch is Reproducibility in any lake which has the lil brown stripe in it.

Additional Information

Link to the vid (private). Let me know if i sat the private wrong and you not able to see the video. I am not sure about it.

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Hello Knezo Caixao.
The issue has been fixed internally and should already be fixed on current stable branch.